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Design-Led, Design-Build Experience

Benefits of hiring a Design-Led, Design-Build firm:

  • Bringing greater savings to the owner
  • Guaranteed higher quality
  • Better communication for theScreenshot 2023 11 08 At 12.03.37 pm Design-Build process

When a project is led by the design team and built by the same organization, there are unique benefits for the customer. As opposed to a traditional “Design-Build” (DB) approach, when the Architect, rather than Contractor, leads the design and construction process, it can make a positive difference for the client’s overall experience.

The design team will evaluate every decision with the client’s vision and values as the top priority, while working with the construction team to achieve those goals within budget. Rather than approaching “Value-Engineering” strictly to save on the budget, a DLDB approach carefully considers the tradeoff between initial cost, quality, value, and finally life-cycle costs. This holistic approach is executed more effectively with designers and builders working together with the same business acumen.

Additionally, quality control is streamlined when the construction team already understands the design intent and details. Those who will build the project will be actively involved in design and review of the documents from project conception, giving them total understanding of the project scope. This comprehensive approach leads to much less confusion and typically a smoother experience for the owner.

As a result, this efficient project delivery method will undoubtedly result in direct cost-savings to the owner. With the design and construction team under one unified entity, Brunton maintains a greater amount of control over a project’s quality, budget, and schedule. Project management roles and duties within the design and construction team can be allocated differently and more efficiently, which saves on labor and time. By integrating the construction and design teams it provides a positive impact on the construction schedule.


Having construction services in-house provides a seamless experience for you. The Construction Specialist will examine initial designs and determine if it’s constructable. They will critique drawings and analyze every detail across all design disciplines (civil, mechanical, architectural, electrical, etc.) By finding issues during the design process, it allows our team to update those elements before it your project reaches the construction phase. This service helps the project stay on schedule and within budget. Watch video >>