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We are not currently hiring at Brunton Construction.



Tailored positions to compliment your talents and passion:


COMPETITIVE PAY: Discretionary bonuses

COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH PLANS: Company-paid Health Insurance for Family or Single Coverage. HSAs & FSAs are available.

EMPLOYEE PLANS: Company-paid Dental, Vision, Life, Short-term disability, and Long-term disability for employees.

RETIREMENT: Generous 401(k) + Company Match

TIME AWAY FROM WORK: Accrued PTO & Paid Holidays

ADVANCEMENT: Opportunities for growth and possible ownership are available.

LEARNING: Company-paid professional development and licensing; tuition reimbursement opportunities.

LIFE & WORK BALANCE: We serve a nationwide client base and have many in-person meetings. These meetings typically will not add time to your work day because you will travel aboard the company airplane and be back in the office the same day.

We work tirelessly for our clients, so it is vital to the success of the entire organization that we balance work and play. Our team enjoys having fun together when we can. We are also a group of collaborators. The more minds, the better! So, if you like brainstorming, team projects, go-carts, themed dinner parties, and sporting events…you should check us out!

A position with Brunton provides opportunities to be involved in a wide variety of project types including public safety, recreational, retail, tribal, office, healthcare, municipal, religious, and multi-family housing to name a few. Our dedicated staff are our greatest resource, and we welcome all opportunities to add talented individuals.

DEI Statement

Brunton Architects & Engineers is dedicated to maintaining a culture that welcomes and celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion within our workplace. We believe developing cross-cultural empathy and understanding is vital to the future growth of our professional employees, as well as the organization as a whole. We encourage and enforce the fair treatment and full participation of all people in our workplace. Not only do we want a safe place to foster mutual growth and understanding, but we are also committed to a future with greater equity within this organization and the communities in which we serve.